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Ya gotta love the Heron! I know I do. I became a devoted fan of the marque rather late. I had disappointedly run the Murray, Huffy, Schwinn gamut when one day I visited a new bike shop. I was immediately awestruck by a beautiful two-tone blue Raleigh Technium 440 10 speed Road Bike. The salesman pulled it out of the line-up for me. I swung my leg over its saddle and it fit like a glove! We discussed the technical aspects of this fine mount; it's bonded aluminum frame, the componentry, their after sale service... etc. In less than 10 minutes it was mine. Sadly, after some 5 years and many, many happy miles... it was stolen. To this day I still keep a vigilant watch, it WILL surface.
In the meantime, I scoured & scrounged for another Heron that could begin to equal the fit and feel of my long lost beloved Technium. Recently I uncovered a very pretty Raleigh Capri; Metalflake Black & Silver two-tone paint scheme, 410 All Steel Frame (it's not the same ride as the Technium, but it will do), and somewhat less than desirable components. Cosmetic condition and color scheme along with a very attractive price tag were enough to convince me to own it.
Now begins the personal massage and tweaks that will make this uniquely "Stacey"!


Here it is, my 1983 Raleigh Capri!

Build Data

  • Frame Material - 410 Steel
  • Frame Size
  • Seat -
  • Handlebars - Schwinn Middleweight
  • Grips -
  • Brakes & Levers - Dia Compe / ProMax
  • Crank & Chainwheel - 170 mm Alloy 39,52
  • Cogs - Shimano 14,17,22,28,34
  • Shifters
  • Derailers
  • Wheelset
This 3/4 front view shows the top end modifications; DiamondBack Steering Stem, Inverted English "Roadster" Handlebars, Foam Grips, & ProMax Levers. Down below you can see the Dia-Compe Alloy Center Pull Brake Calipers
This is what most people see when we ride!

Note the Quick Release Seat Post Binder Bolt and Dia-Compe Center Pull Caliper.

IMHO, this has got to be the most beautiful Head Badge ever created!

Can anyone tell me the year of this bike from the decals?

A big thank you goes out to Garrison H. for identyfing this as a 1983!


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